TODAY   |  December 20, 2013

Roker: Triple threat weather system ‘catastrophic’

Arctic air from the north combined with above-normal temperatures from the south will make for icy conditions in the midsection of the country, along with 7 to 8 inches of rain. TODAY’s Al Roker reports.

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>> at the weather post. matt has the morning off.

>> you call this storm a triple threat .

>> absolutely. we're looking at every kind of weather you can talk about. look at what it's doing to the traffic already. here's the 14th street bridge . nonstop traffic. i-95 in philadelphia a real mess. so let's first take a look at the 14th street bridge . traffic moving but, boy, it's going to start to back up and then we go to philadelphia from our nbc station there, channel 10 , you can see overturned tractor trailer on i-95. this is going to be a mess. this is going to be an icy mess for a good portion of the country. here's the set up we've got. we'll be looking at arctic air making its way in from the north around these low pressure systems. then much above normal air coming up from the south and, of course, the area that's going to be the battle zone is in between. an icy mess, snow will be setting up and wet weather to talk about. by friday afternoon, a quarter of an inch of ice from kansas city into chicago. into tonight, this is going to be a real mess, friends. by early saturday morning on into new england up to a quarter of an inch of ice. look how much heavier it gets. late sunday night early monday morning, up to a half inch of ice. that's catastrophic levels. heavy rain, 5 to 7 inches. that's going to be major flooding. and then snow to the west of chicago, up to 12 inches of snow in the next 48 hours . then there's the severe side of the system. the risk of strong storms today from austin to little rock . we expect to see the possibility of tornadoes from monroe to memphis, tomorrow. that's a fed ex hub. there will probably be delays as far as package deliveries and it goes on into sunday from the mid-atlantic states all the way into the gulf. this is going to be a multifaceted storm that goes into sunday and that's going to effect travel, delivery of packages, power outages, it's a mess.