TODAY   |  December 19, 2013

‘Grinch’ cop hands out unique speed warnings

In TODAY's Take, the team discuss a story about a cop who is getting into the holiday spirit by dressing up as Dr. Seuss Christmas villain the Grinch and presenting drivers who go less than five miles over the speed limit with a choice: a citation – or a smelly onion.

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>> story about a grinch policeman, a florida policeman is dressing up as the grinch and handing out-month-old onions to speeders this holiday season . there is an approach.

>> i this i they are getting off easy.

>> major lou capuo. he says he portrays the fictional character to give motorists a break but to highlight the ned to obey speed limit in school zone , motorists who travel 5 miles an hour or less above the speed limit get to choose between a citation and an onion.

>> definitely. a-month-old. that stinks up the car.

>> you can chuck that out the window. exactly. here we go [ music playing ]

>> then you get a violation for throwing it out the window.

>> if you go over 5 miles an hour, you don't get that choice.

>> i like the officer. brings creativity to the job. you will slow it down. especially in the school zone .

>> by the smell alone, you will remember.