TODAY   |  December 19, 2013

Singer performs Kathie Lee’s Christmas tune

Singer and Grammy nominee Amick Byram, who has been in animated films like “Prince of Egypt,” “Shrek” and “Aladdin,” sings the Christmas song “Make My Heart a Manger” that Kathie Lee Gifford wrote 20 years ago.

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>>> very special guest with us today. an accomplished singer, producer and two-time grammy nominee who also happens to be klg's good friend.

>> yes, that's right, recently i sent him a song that david freeman and i wrote, like, 20 years ago. he recorded it and has agreed to come here and sing it today. it's called "make my heart a manger."

>> you have known each other forever.

>> since 1970s .

>> right. he's been the voice of "moses" in " prince of egypt ," 100 episodes of "the simpsons." most sought after singer in hollywood.

>> when you saw this song, what did you think?

>> loved it immediately. just did a little arranging, we orchestrated it, recorded it --

>> he asked me to change a lyric. i was happy too. he was right! he was right!

>> thank you.

>> you're going to sing it for us.

>> absolutely.

>> here it is. amick byram. now that i know the wonder of a child of my own i wonder at the love that our father has shown sending such a gift in such a simple way as a young mother wept and shepherds knelt to pray i don't comprehend it can't begin to understand but i gratefully accept it as i touch the tiny hand lord make my heart a