TODAY   |  December 19, 2013

Finish your list! Stylish holiday gift ideas

If you’re still scrambling to find a holiday gift for a certain someone, we’ve got you covered. Marie Claire senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi highlights gift ideas like glitter loafers,  and stylish dog collars and leashes.

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>> have present for somebody on your list. we have an enews correspondent claire. you have some good suggestion. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> is there a buzzy gift this year?

>> there are so many. i am looking for something unique. there is not a pair of socks in sight.

>> let's bring our elves in. what are the items?

>> come on in.

>> these are some of our plaza viewers, by the way.

>> explain the hat.

>> we have some amazing flats. ballet flats are going hiatus. it's all about the loafer. we can all overdo the glitter. that es are $17.99 from gap. really nice.

>> really cute.

>> these are actually made of solid wood . they're made from recycled wood, started from ecoconscious entrepreneurs, perfect for the man who you don't know what to buy for.

>> a man or a woman can wear these.

>> they are light as well.

>> thank you to our lovely elf. let's bring in another elf. another plaza viewer. good morning to you. what do you got on your trade?

>> good morning.

>> stationary.

>> i think the art here of sending thank you notes is dyeing. so before you press that e-mail. they come all, there is such a food quality at a reasonable price $16 for a pack of thank you cards. really sweet. beautifully antiques. they have charm. also we have this chanola. made in america. all leather band. pens, pencils. perfect for the man in your life who wants to tidy up their desk. no more snow globes .

>> we are moving on. these are classy. thank you so much. our next elf is going straight to my heart with some food. good morning to you.

>> this looks delicious, right? first we have these danish bakery. this is maca roon of the month club. she's received 12 macaroons. this month we have peppermint, white chocolate . you can receive a new flavor every month.

>> thank you so mump. we have a couple of elves to come in at the same time. some elves have four legs, i see. tell us about this.

>> the elves are wearing these gorgeous monogrammed sweaters from old navy.

>> so cute!

>> so personalized. our friends have, these are from old navy and these are beautiful little collars from lazy bones this one said stud, this one says princess. we are a nation of animal lovers , why not treat our pets as such?

>> i love these gifts, they are not overpriced. they're a good bargain.

>> they are still available.