TODAY   |  December 19, 2013

Two artists create spectacular gingerbread houses

Two New York City artists are paying to homage to famous art galleries like the Louvre and the Guggenheim by recreating them using gingerbread. TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager reports.

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>> back now with a bit of a classic holiday tradition. building a ginger bread house. contributing correspondent jenna bush hager caught up with them.

>> i did. these are not your grandma ginger bread houses. two artists say that sometimes it's okay to play with your food. the ginger bread house, a sweet tradition since the days of hansel and getyl. from this, to this now to this. artists are putting together a modern twist on a holiday tradition.

>> henry and i challenge ours and picked the most difficult famous art galleries from around the world to make out of candy.

>> why art galleries ?

>> for us, when we travel, we love to go to see these galleries. it was fun to make it.

>> we decided to take the traditional ginger bread house, turn it into more of an architectural photograph.

>> from the louvre in paris, to new york guggenheim, they have a taste for edible art. they have long been playing with their food. with a culinary portfolio that includes deep fried gadgets, edible macs, even jello presidents.

>> food has become such a trendy, cool thing these days. we want to push the limit with what we can do with foods.

>> we love them to tell a story.

>> the story of henry and kate lynn 's latest project starts here in new york city . owner dillan lauren , an ad mirer of their work asked this emto create pieces for tear stores.

>> henry and kate lynn came back with a fantastic story to merge our story in miami to a christmas ginger bread of a big exhibit.

>> it was actually perfect. you have always loved creating ginger bread houses yourself.

>> it came full around. i think he taken it with a whole new level that is not like anyone can do it.

>> so, guys, you have to be inspired by this push. right?

>> i mean, we have become food candy store gifters.

>> you guys will teach me how to live the dream, right?

>> it was my turn to get in on the candy fun. on this day, they were working on the ginger bread model of london's cape modern. my job, adding trees. in this case, cotton candy covered in cocoa powder .

>> does that look like a tree?

>> perfect. i learned not to play with your food. you guys proffered that theory wrong.

>> we love playing with our food.

>> once the candy version was complete, henry started photographing and eventually this was the finished product. building a nostalgic memory. these artists are spreading the magic of the holidays.

>> has this project brought up the kid in the two of you?

>> i think we are kids at heart, anyway. we bring it into everything we do. we love playing with our food and having fun .

>> henry and kate lynn were nice enough to create a piece of art for us, our new logo.

>> i love it.

>> this will last, although, i'm going to have a piece.

>> we will have to break some of the ginger bread off there.

>> you go right ahead.

>> go ahead and break the creation they made.

>> that's okay.

>> we got to eat it.

>> we can't wait for years and years.

>> we thought we would put it into the orange room