TODAY   |  December 19, 2013

Tessanne Chin reacts to Celine Dion duet

The singer and winner of “The Voice” said collaborating with her idol, music Icon Celine Dion, on the show was an incredible experience.

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>> that was the big moment on tuesday when tes anne chin cap choourtd season five of "the voice." it has been a non-stop whirlwind for the jamaican power house singer. we are so happy to have you here.

>> i love being here.

>> we loved watching your face, it was a mixture of i don't know if you were touched. you started laughling.

>> i was laughing at my husband. because i think his reaction trumped mine, definitely. wow, wow, babe.

>> you had so many highlights during this run, but i know one of them was getting to sing with celine dion . can you take us through what that experience was leak for you?

>> you have to understand for me, she has always been that lady, that artist that i look up to the most and just to be able share a stage with her and she's even better in person. within i tell you, just a gracious, wonderful lady. you know, put me right at ease, because it's nerve racking. i'm standing next to miss celine dion . oh, gosh, what an experience.

>> did she give you career advice?

>> yes, she did.

>> what did she say.

>> she asked me if i was married. she said, hmm. it's like pause and stuff, okay, i'm going to do it.

>> good advice.

>> we are so happy for you. i love your voice in every way.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you so much for being here.

>> congratulations.

>> best of luck in everything.