Image: The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Only Connect Projects
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TODAY   |  December 19, 2013

Duchess Kate, Prince William phone-hacked

New trial testimony shows that Prince William and Duchess Kate had their cellphones hacked while they were dating. NBC News Jim Maceda reports.

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>> hearing key testimony in the news of the world hacking trial. today the court heard messages from prince william and kate middleton . jim, good morning, you are live in london . what can you tell us?

>> reporter: good morning, natty. road's revelations deal with kate middleton 's cell phone that a murdock tabloid paper shut down by murdock, prosecutors read messages including a message in 2006 from prince william , who was dating kate middleton at the time, that he had been almost shot on a training exercise while at the officer training school at sandhurst. he said, quote, i got terribly lost and walked into another regimen's ambush. another time he calls saying, hello, baby, it's me. calling her quote baby-kins. now the hacker served time in 2007 for hacking the phones of royal aids. this, natalie, is the first time that there is any indication that royal family member, themselves, have been hacked. back to you.

>> all right. thanks, so much, jim maceda there in london.