TODAY   |  December 19, 2013

UN accuses Syria of ‘widespread’ violations

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is growing, with the U.N. General Assembly accusing the Syrian government of “widespread and systematic gross violations” of human rights.

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>> humanitarian crisis in syria is getting more critical, the u.n. general assembly is accusing the government of gross violations of human rights . the conflict in syria is having a profound impact on children and claimed thousands of lives. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, natalie. both sides in this war are increasingly ruthless, today a report by amnesty international says one extremist group is tortureing people and imprisoning people as young as. horrors have led whole families to flee to da pass cuss. at this soccer zk soccer stadium , children play. as this man waits for help, an explosion. some hardly noticed. soccer coach is trying to give these children hope, but it's not easy an explosion just as we are talking. he says mortars have landed here before. there is where it landed. run with ten-year-old boy tells me his family faced terrorists. were you scared? "yes, he says, very."

>> monita, this 4-year-old helps his family carry away basic provisions from this distribution center . the u.n. is trying to feed more than 4 million syrians.

>> this humanitarian crisis is getting to a point i've never seen in any other country i've worked in.

>> reporter: this 7-year-old has 11 brothers and sisters all hungry. she gets hot noodle soup . she struggles to carry the heavy pot home. no time for a childhood here. meanwhile, that report by the u.n. has condemned widespread violations by president assad forces. a suburb of the city are cut off by the government, now being used as a weapon of war.