TODAY   |  December 18, 2013

Al and Willie pick the best healthy holiday pie

Three choices for the “too good to be healthy” holiday pie series have been selected, and Al and Willie are set to make the final delicious decision.

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>> we're back with another edition of too good to be healthy. we asked you to send in your healthiest holiday pie recipes. we now narrowed it down to three finalists to compete for the grand prize .

>> they're the best in the land. they are here to lead us through the tasting along with nutritionist joy bauer. good morning everyone.

>> quite the competition.

>> it's a smack down.

>> pie this time of the year is a must have but a regular slice clocks in at 500 calories. that's before you include the whipped cream or ice cream . but i'm telling you this because you're going to be amazed at this small amount of calories in these competitive gal's pies and the huge taste.

>> huge.

>> let's start with megan's pumpkin buy.

>> pumpkin pie .

>> her secret weapon is dates. she purees dates which are tweet and sticky. in the trust with pecans and oats and a little bit of cinnamon. everything comes together. this is one slice. we spit it for you to try and you to try.

>> that's a pretty good helping.

>> yeah, one slice is only, remember, an original slice of pie is about 500. this is 215 calories.

>> megan, how did you come up with this?

>> well, i have a food blog i created for my family and friends to show them that eating healthy can be delicious and easy. my family loves it during the holidays so i wanted to make a pie healthy to eat.

>> and a dessert that delivers seven grams of fiber.

>> okay, lauren . now tell us about this.

>> so these are mini apple cranberry pies and i love the automatic portion control because you cannot cut yourself a huge slice of pie. start to finish, one of these delicious babies are only 170 calories.

>> wow.

>> what you can't see is there is a crust here and she works in crushed cinnamon graham cracker with chopped pecans. and the filling is just a mix of sweet apples and tart cranberries.

>> yummy.

>> and the topping is the best.

>> how did you come up with this.

>> i'm a registered dietitian and i like to cook healthy for my family and my for friends and i thought this would be a fun way to eat something healthy. it's portion control . and delicious. so the sweet and the tart together makes it really great.

>> that's really good.

>> all three of these ladies are fellow health nuts. registered dietitian . register dietitian, health nut .

>> last but not least, sandy.

>> this is her pear pie. look at this. this looks like a pie you would buy at an expensive bakery.

>> this is art work.

>> what she uses for the crust is whole wheat pastry flour. some people try regular whole wheat for crust and it's too coarse. this works beautifully. because she is using sweet pears, she can really minimize the sugar. there's hardly any sugar in there. gorgeous. one gigantic slice. it's two of these together. only 200 calories.

>> come on.

>> why did you choose pears?

>> pears are seasonal. this is the time of year for pears. they're sweet on their owns so when you cut back the sugar you want to have the sweetness of the pears.

>> she is famous for this pie. her family and friends are waiting for it.

>> they also look at the pie first.

>> what's the prize here, joy? because we have to decide a winner.

>> jerry has a lovely basket.

>> it's a basket of goodies with all things for baking and i signed a cook book and also they literally --

>> joy, we have to talk here.

>> and all three recipes are going to be featured on our site.

>> i'm a little tense.

>> here we go.

>> a long deliberation. we decide that while all three of these are delicious in their own special way.

>> yes.

>> we're going right here with lauren .

>> lauren .

>> congratulations. here you go. congratulations.

>> merry christmas to you all. that was a tough one.