TODAY   |  December 18, 2013

With 50 days left, Russia prepares for Olympics

The countdown to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi has reached 50 days, and Russia is busy preparing to accommodate the world for the big event. 

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>> preps are being added to the 11 venues being built to host 2500 athletes in february for russia 's postsoviet games. no expense has been spared for these olympics which are a source of national pride for russia and a pet project of the russian president vladimir putin . at a price tag of $51 billion, sochi already earned the title of the most expensive games ever. now four times the estimated cost surpasses china's $40 million cho case. on february 7th the olympic torch will enter olympic stadium for opening ceremony . the completion of a 40,000 mile journey. the longest in history that brought the flame from the north pole to outer space . a sleepy coastal resort town , sochi is usually associated with russian summers. but as the wind gusts kick up on the black sea and the cable cars run in the mountains, russia promised an unforget bt winter. snowfall has organizers breathing a sigh of relief that mountain venues will be primed and ready in only 50 days.

>> a lot to get done. we will all be there.

>> yeah.

>> heading over there at the end of january and some in the early part of february i. should be a lot of fun.

>> you have the snow bunny outfit picked out.

>> yeah, it's a bunny.

>> have you thought about your event together yet?

>> had something to do with vodka.

>> oh, now that is an event.

>> a reminder the olympic action kicks off on february 6th here on nbc. the opening ceremony the next night. up