TODAY   |  December 18, 2013

Check out TODAY’s top holiday cookies!

After the TODAY anchors revealed their favorite holiday cookies, viewers sent in the recipes for their versions by the hundreds. Check out what the five favorites are, and learn how to make them from their original creators.

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>>> all right. we're back now at 8:39 with today's top holiday cookie. a few weeks ago we revealed our favorite seasonal treats and put out the call for your recipes. we have now narrowed down the field to our five favorites and we're ready to give them a try.

>> wow.

>> dramatic.

>> really suspenseful.

>> everybody go down the line and introduce yourself.

>> all right.

>> hoda kotb.

>> i love ginger spice cookies. this is a recipe of yours.

>> it is. it goes back to my great grandmother.

>> this is a combination of spices, ginger, cloves and cinnamon.

>> what's that here?

>> that's the dough. that's already mixed. we're going to incorporate the spices. it will look wet. that's because of the combination of butter and molasses that keeps them extra moist.

>> you make big cookies.

>> i do. i like my cookies big.

>> then i don't have to eat three.

>> make them how long?

>> 10 minutes . they stay nice, soft and chewy.

>> cheers.

>> cheers to you. i'll take it from here. we all love shortbread. i was the lucky one who got to pick it and you added something extra to it. tell us about this.

>> yes. i have. i made the shortbread and then the caramel and chocolate which is easy. it's flour, sugar, salt and butter and caramel is condensed milk and butter and corn syrup .

>> okay.

>> and the chocolate glaze has a bittersweet and semisweet chocolate with corn syrup and butter and when that solidifies in the fringe you spingel the salt.

>> do you cook the shortbread and then add the layers or do it at the same time?

>> no, shortbread for 20 minutes in the oven and let it cool.

>> i'm ready to try it. we'll pass it down to natalie.

>> okay. this is my favorite. i understand this is your favorite as well but you actually went to jeremy wigermany with your friends.

>> we got a little addicted so i figured i needed to make them at home because it was cheaper than flying to germany.

>> it's like a sugar cookie on the outside.

>> there's ground almonds. the traditional recipe is ground hass hazelnuts but they're a pain.

>> this is rasberry jelly.

>> you have the cut out side there. you leave that side.

>> we'll assemble this with the r raspberry.

>> and then you put the sugar on top.

>> gavin, they call you the cookie man.

>> absolutely.

>> this goes back in your family too.

>> right. my grandmother and mother. my sister makes them. yeah, family recipe.

>> what makes it special? you put cream of tartar in there, why?

>> it creates a break apart in your mouth tasty cookie.

>> they're pretty simple.

>> really simple. straightforward and in honor of my mom because she was known in the neighborhood for making giant cookies we're going to make two giant cookies here. you're going to do green and i'm going to do red sprinkles for the holidays. just a nice little roll here.

>> i just love to eat the cookie dough .

>> yeah.

>> all the way around.

>> flatten it out a little.

>> flatten it out.

>> there you go.

>> cheers.

>> is it her turn from brooklyn.

>> yes. she is waiting very patiently. our favorite cookie, the snowball.

>> yeah.

>> what makes yours better than anybody else's.

>> it has almond and chocolate chunks and it's rolled in an expresso powdered sugar . it's like a little extra special snowball.

>> how long do you bake those guys for?

>> you bake these for about ten minutes. so you just mix together the expresso powder.

>> is it an old family recipe.

>> it's actually developed on my own. i'm into creating special treats.

>> she spells her name alnd.

>> i think that's it.