TODAY   |  December 18, 2013

Justin Long: I’m a big dinosaur fan

The actor visits the plaza to talk about his voice role in the upcoming film “Walking with Dinosaurs,” and jokes about the research he did in preparation.

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>> justin, this movie is so cool and realistic looking and as i understand it you are a huge dinosaur's fan. was this a dream come true?

>> huge. i was a lot smarter too when i was seven and eight. i knew all the scientific names . i knew where they were from.

>> who is the baddest dinosaur ever? the t-rex?

>> i think the raptor because they're the ones you should look out for. they were little but they were real mean.

>> and your character i understand was a little bit of an underdog dinosaur.

>> huge.

>> relate a little bit?

>> i did. i was really tiny -- i was 4'9" going into high school and 89 pounds so i was a really small fellow. so i was the runt.

>> it worked out for you.

>> it's working out.

>> willie was 4'9", 80 pounds in second grade.

>> i was.

>> did the producers of this movie know you were obsessed with dinosaurs? like get me long? he is a dinosaur guy.

>> no it was the people that did alvin and the chuipmunks. so it was related to that.

>> what research did you do.

>> for example i played this dinosaur and their parents used to chew up the plants and put it back in their kids mouths. i found myself asking my friend ifs they would do that.

>> how did that go over? lots of friends in the process.

>> i don't have any.

>> walking with dinosaurs opens friday nationwide.

>> yes.

>> have a great holiday.