TODAY   |  December 18, 2013

Here’s what happens if you win Mega Millions

NBC’s Kerry Sanders presents a “what if” scenario, showing the steps a Mega Millions lottery jackpot winner would go through to claim their winnings, including everything from signing forms to taking celebratory selfie shots.

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>> a lot to celebrate for him too. we'll begin with more on the mega millions drawing and what twiners will now face. kerry sanders is in richmond, virginia with that part of the story. good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah. the friday mega millions jackpot starts back at $15 million as you can see on the billboard behind me. if you were among the mega million ticket holders that didn't win last night. here's a peak into what might have been. your road to riches would have started at a lottery office like this one.

>> if i had the winning ticket, would i show it to you.

>> yes, you would.

>> reporter: it's not uncommon for folks to take a selfie with the ticket. they then confirm the ticket is real.

>> we put it under the lights and you can see virginia lottery underneath. so you say --

>> congratulations. this is the winning ticket.

>> you've seen the winners. what do they do? they go crazy.

>> they go crazy.

>> then into a conference room where you watch video with advice from previous winners.

>> stop, don't do anything.

>> it's a job. when you have money you have to take it like a job.

>> you should take care of it the way you would any money that you worked for.

>> pages of paperworks, cash option or annuity and then that first moment when you realize this is not a dream.

>> congratulations.

>> so had i won this is what it would look like.

>> exactly.

>> but it's over and we're going to have to scratch out this name.

>> this is just pretend kerry.

>> well, a guy can dream, right?

>> if you bought a ticket, you can take solace in about 30% goes to the state where you purchase the ticket. so they use that money for things like education and conservation and in this really big lottery, they raised about $300 million for the states that participated.

>> that's the good side.

>> you should just grab that check and run.

>> just take it to city bank or whatever.

>> and savannah pointed out his had no taxes written out.