TODAY   |  December 18, 2013

TODAY picks best Pitt pics as actor turns 50

In celebration of Brad Pitt’s 50th birthday, the TODAY anchors pick their favorite movies featuring the Hollywood star.

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>>> well, if willie seems especially happy today it's because he is in celebrating mode. brad pitt turns 5-0 today. willie is all in a tizzy.

>> i am. this isn't creepy, right? it's a reproduction of the wallpaper in my living room. brad does turn 50 years old. big year for celebrities turning 50. john johnny depp , john stamos , michael jordan . there was a research poll that shows adults over 50 feel younger than their age. makes sense and they agree that old age starts at 68.

>> wow.

>> what do you guys think of that?

>> 70.

>> 70 and that's just kind of old conduct and public intoxication -- that's just kind of old age.

>> yeah, 80.

>> do you know who is 70 years old today?

>> keith richards turned 72 today. do you guys have favorite brad pitt movies by the way?

>> yes. thelma and louise.

>> wait we have to watch this clip.

>> he's so young there. my goodness.

>> that's the way it works.

>> i'm going to go with more recent one. money ball. it was a fun movie.

>> what about you willie ?

>> i'm a fight club guy.

>> yeah. you're not supposed to talk about fight club . remember rule of fight club . don't talk about it, ever.

>> happy birthday, brad.

>> yeah and by the way, that was a good one to pull up keith richards .