TODAY   |  December 17, 2013

Stay warm in style: Thermal shirts, down jackets

Learn how to layer like a pro with these hot tips to stay warm and look good this winter from style expert Rebekah George.

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>>> another winter storm on the way here on the east coast , looking like it could be a white christmas .

>> if you're headed outside to shovel or sled, rebecca jordan is here to show us the right way to layer up.

>> good morning.

>> you have to dress like onion, right?

>> you want to think of yourself as an up i don't knonion. they have lots of layers and you'll need lots of layers to survive. layers basically trap heat in between each layer and they keep the heat circulating versus one layer which your skin will get wet and then game is over. the first layer is your base layer. you will put this on, this is your fleece. your base layer's job is to keep your skin nice and dry. you don't want your skin to get wet. so you want to be super soft. a fleece like this that you're putting on, really comfortable, only $10. so this stuff does not cost a lot of money. next up, this is going to keep you warm. this is your insulating layer. and the job is basically to insulate especially your core. you want to keep that nice and dry.

>> we need to get him some help.

>> there we go. you'll zip that up. and then of course you want to keep everything super snug and dry. so this is your outer layer, your protective layer. and the job is to really keep everything this is from lands end. 600 fill. and this will prevent any snow there getting on to your skin.

>> and you have your snow boots on already.

>> you want a good pair of wool socks. it can hold up to 80% of its heat when it's wet. and then of course you cannot forget every other area, so put on your scarf, you want to keep your head really warm. this is a great trapper hat. may i?

>> thank you.

>> and the snow reflects off of the ice. so you need goggles.

>> you look like you belong in an ll bean catalog.

>> natalie, you'll start with your base layer.

>> here's how you do it for tv.

>> andalie has to get into her ski pants. and then of course the coat. we're out of time.

>> i'll speed it up.

>> did y

>> do you want some help?

>> where are your boots? what is taking so long?

>> come on, pick it up. you're not zipped up there.

>> and of course these are great so you can still text with them, #orange room, right?

>> you're standing in the snow in bare feet.

>> i can't even zip this thing up because it's so small.

>> but you look adorable. there you go.

>> nice recovery.

>> i can't breathe. it's too hot. i'm like the kid in christmas story .

>> slow but steady wins the race.

>> there you go.

>> by the way all the information is on if you really want this look,