TODAY   |  December 17, 2013

‘Sing-Off’ winners Pentatonix perform in studio

The popular a cappella quintet who won the third season of “The Sing-Off” perform the Ray Charles classic “Hit the Road Jack” live on TODAY.

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>> narrator: "today" brought to you by toyota.

>>> the popular acapella group pentatonix burst on the scene back in 2011 . they won the season of singoff and have released two albums each day booing in the top ten. pentatonix, guy, good morning to all of you.booing in the top ten. pentatonix, guy, good morning to all of you. li let's start with the name. it means --

>> it comes from the five note scale and there are five of us.

>> we've been listening to you rehearse a little bit. you can believe the ride you've been on over the last couple years? two years ago nobody knew who you were. and now you have these two albums i just mentioned in the top ten on billboard's top 200 . what has it been like for you?

>> it's been a the crathe craziest your any ever. it's been nonstop. but we're all living out our dream for sure.

>> you're about to go on tour. looking forward to that?

>> absolutely.

>> and what will you sing?

>> hey mama .

>> okay. ladies and gentlemen . pentaton pentatonix. [ applause ]

>> pentatonix. thank you, guy, very much. and ladies. good luck on tour. and you can catch "the sing-off" tomorrow night