TODAY   |  December 17, 2013

Dr. Nancy: Forget multivitamins, just eat good food

A new study says that experts could not find any reasons for men or women to take multivitamins. Dr. Nancy Snyderman weighs in and says people in America, with the exception of children, should simply eat good food to get adequate vitamins and minerals.

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>>> here is a question for the group. raise your hand if you take a multivitamin or supplement.

>> yeah.

>> okay. that's unanimous. if you're about to take a multivitamin this morning, you'll want to hear this first story. a new study is questioning how effective they really are. in a strong conclusion, doctors and some health experts wrote, quote, the message is simple, most supplements do not prevent chronic disease or death, their use is not justified, and they should be avoided. they added, enough is enough. nancy snyderman is here. that's a pretty strongly worded conclusion.

>> don't shoot the messenger.

>> so what is behind this?

>> you all have very expensive urine obviously because you're taking things that the doctors say you don't need. these are called supplements for a reason. they supplement the food you eat. but a lot of people take pills thinking that's the nutrition you'll get. and some vitamins in higher doses can be toxtoxic. taking a multivitamin every day did not prevent heart disease . so using vitamins for long term chronic illnesses is a waste of money.

>> to take it a step farther, it doesn't say they're not good for you. just avoid them.

>> this is the strongest statement i've seen from a medical group. they're basically saying not good for you. won't help you. could hurt you. waste of your money. forget it. just eat food. eat food. it's everything you've talked about for a long time. eat good food. and you don't need to do this. in nations where there isn't -- people are impoverished and they don't have food, then you can make a case for supplementing diets. but in this country the only exception is folic acid to women of child bearing age.

>> my ped trish shan always recommends vitamins.

>> this was looking at the older population, so kids are the exception.