TODAY   |  December 17, 2013

Amazing! TSA agent catches falling baby

A Transportation Security Administration agent was caught on camera swooping in just the nick of time to catch a baby that was falling off a table at an airport security checkpoint. The father of the baby had laid the baby on a table in order to put his jacket on.

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>>> how many of you have struggled at the airport security with your kids in tow? where do you put the baby? well, take a look at this surveillance video. the security officer swoops in for the save. there at the bottom of your screen, a man places his baby on the table while he's taking his jacket -- putting his jacket back on. but the baby is falling, the officer slides in like an all-star center fielder making the catch. his good deed did not go unnoticed. there are reports the security company gave their employee a well deserved bonus. i think we can all say that's incredible.

>> father might have won a chicken on that, also.

>> and then destroyed that video.