TODAY   |  December 17, 2013

Lottery jackpot opens doors to life of luxury

As the Mega Millions jackpot reaches $586 million, NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports on just what you can and can’t buy with the winnings, including a reality TV star’s extravagant home.

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>> thanks. as we tonight, tonight's mega million jackpot, $586 million. by the time the numbers are drawn, it could be the largest ever. kerry sanders is in fot. lauderda lauderdale, florida.

>> reporter: if you are the sole winner and you have the one ticket and you take a lump sum, it will be about 316 plus million dollars. more than enough to buy a vessel like this one. this one here, 112-feet long, costs a mere $6.25 million. everybody has a dream. the odds of yours coming true with mega millions , 1 in 259 million. you're just as likely to find a lost diamond ring at the bottom of the ocean. but that doesn't stop people from dreaming big. and dropping bills.

>> i played $40.

>> when it gets big, i'm greedy.

>> reporter: say you do win. you may want to relocate. realtor and reality tv show has a nice $5.75 million house for sale in glamorous south florida .

>> you have double everything.

>> climate controlled wine cellar .

>> 750 bottles of wine.

>> how big is this house?

>> this is 7 bedrooms, 6 1/2 bathrooms and over 12,000 square feet . and is t. leads right out to the ocean.

>> why move to practice?

>> one x t, tax reasons. and two, the weather help.

>> reporter: as for a fancy new set of wheels, this is a ferrari xxf evolution. it sold for $2.7 million just last week. any chanceky take it for a spin?

>> no.

>> reporter: but even if you win this grotesque amount of money, there are limits. you cannot afford your own nfl team like the dallas cowboys . and you can not afford the private hawaiian island of lanai. but this sort of pay day still puts you in a special category. more money than singer miley cyrus . actor brad pitt . even politician mitt romney . as for how you win, st stat tesch shans say letting the exciter pick is no different than using your own numbers. so if you win, you'll have more than enough to buy the boats, houses and really plenty of money to help out the less fortunate, as well. and of course all your friends and your newfound friends and your lost relatives who will all be calling.

>> that's right. kerry, thank you so much.

>>> so right now it's $546 million.