TODAY   |  December 16, 2013

‘Layaway Santa’ pays off $20K in Walmart gifts

Greg Parady, a 40-year-old financial analyst, spent more than $20,000 to pay off layaway accounts at a North Carolina Walmart, where one woman collapsed in tears because she was so excited.

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>> a lot of people have gifts on layaway. there was a really great guy who decided he was going to help take care of the expenses for the people who put their gifts on layaway at walmart. anyway, take a look at our mr. nice guy of the week. oh, we're still talking. anyway, so this guy, apparently, he overheard somebody saying she couldn't pay off her layaway account. he wept to the counter and he paid for 76 layaway accounts.

>> isn't that amazing?

>> he spent over $20,000.

>> the sweet part is he didn't do one fell swoop. he stayed there and invested time. you know how people think that your card is being misused or abused or stolen, they'll stop the transaction, so he had to use three different cards. his cell phone, two different registers to finish all of the different transactions.

>> he had to explain to them.

>> prove that he was indeed legitimate. one lady collapsed crying on a bench when her account was paid off. it's really a lovely, lovely thing. more than ,000 instances at walmart alone.

>> any of your random acts of kind dmsz we would love to hear about.