TODAY   |  December 16, 2013

Cook up a treat with white chocolate grapes

It’s “National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day” and to celebrate, chef Michel Richard has recipes to delight any chocoholic, including white chocolate grapes with orange curd and a chocolate mousse.

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>>> you know, i bet all of those folks out there don't even realize it's a special day in america today.

>> what day is today?

>> it's the national chocolate covered anything day.

>> no.

>> who knew.

>> anything goes.

>> so mark the occasion we're going to make two holiday desserts with what else, chocolate .

>> that's right. he's the chef and owner behind two new york restaurants.

>> say that again.

>> [ speaking foreign language ]

>> it's delicious. i cook the food every day.

>> we don't want to -- your french accent is perfect. normally we think about chocolate and using something like strawberries and cherries, you're going to use white chocolate and grapes.

>> why do you like grapes?

>> we wash them and dry them and they're ready to go.

>> these are all dry already.

>> no.

>> not yet.

>> a little bit more.

>> there we are. that's it.

>> what did i do.

>> all right. the white chocolate .

>> you melt it.

>> yeah.

>> and it's plain white chocolate .

>> do not forget something. we should add a little bit of oil.

>> oh.

>> make it nicer. and then mix everything. see, we have to coat it. let me add more chocolate .

>> yeah, more chocolate . more chocolate .

>> is white chocolate really chocolate .

>> no.

>> no bean, right?

>> it's just good.

>> it tastes good.

>> grab one.

>> grab one.

>> okay. i have to mix it.

>> that's how al is all the time.

>> and one thing i do it -- i use microwave.

>> you can melt down the chocolate that way and it doesn't burn too.

>> that's right. it never burns.

>> you coat it with powered sugar.

>> do you want to do it?

>> sure.

>> and can you get an orange curd sauce with this.

>> we we.

>> we better hurry.

>> it's nice, huh.

>> they look like little snowballs.

>> so we don't want to run out of time. why don't we move over.

>> set up it's beautiful.

>> very beautiful.

>> here we are.

>> here they are and then you used -- this is the orange sauce.

>> i show you how to make it.

>> orange essence in there? orange juice .

>> a few yolk, four yolk.

>> a cup of butter.

>> yeah, the butter, please.

>> and the sugar.

>> all right.

>> mix the whole thing.

>> and then you end up there and you also brought chocolate mousse .

>> here we are.

>> very nice.

>> there you go.

>> it's delicious.

>> oh, it's so good.

>> s so good. it's delicious. wonderful. and the chocolate mousse .

>> thank you so much. recipes we're back in a