TODAY   |  December 16, 2013

John Leguizamo walks with dinosaurs in family film

The actor chats on the plaza about his new role in the family film “Walking With Dinosaurs,” where he voices a prehistoric bird named Alex.

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>> all right. john runs in. he is lending his voice to the movie of the holidays.

>> happy holidays.

>> this movie is so cool. it's kind of the latest in whatever we can do technically for a movie like this. i heard it's likes 3-d on steroids.

>> it's called photo realism . it feels like you're in a documentary about dinosaurs but it's so beautiful.

>> you don't play a dinosaur. you play a bird with a sharp tongue.

>> which is technically a dinosaur. i'm the first parrot.

>> there were some on set to verify the accuracy.

>> they're very annoying. they're so picky about details and facts.

>> you love this time period. you were the sloth.

>> i found my niche. prehistoric animation.

>> i'm glad you can come up with the voice. you came up with it out of thin air.

>> we found out this bird was discovered in mexico so we decided aa spanish type accent. so i tried some of those accents and then more spaniard, very sophisticated.

>> very nice.

>> around here we don't have keys to the city but we give you the scissors.

>> congratulations.

>> thank you so much. walking with dinosaurs opens nationwide on friday.