TODAY   |  December 16, 2013

Shakira: ‘I think that fate can be changed’

NBC’s Jenna Bush Hager talks to the international singing superstar about her new album, being a mom, her holiday traditions, and helping those in need.

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>> matt, thanks. now to a look at the holiday season through the eyes of a super star . today jenna bush -hager was so lucky. she got to sit down with shakira and check out her holidays.

>> we both love her. she is in the middle of recording a new all bum. i caught up with the singer and new mom and talked about her wishes for a happy and healthy new holiday. [ music playing ]

>> reporter: international super star shakira lives life on a big stage. but it's a tiny package that's lighting up her holidays this year. her 10 month old son milan .

>> do you feel like he's been the best gift you have ever received.

>> yes. him and his father.

>> his father is professional soccer player.

>> he is unbelievable and such an amazing dad. they play soccer together. they have a little fun together.

>> reporter: she is devoted too, to her family and to her music and a central part of her life and holiday.

>> what's your favorite christmas song .

>> there's a columbian song i love that talks about the holidays.

>> how did you know i wanted you to sing it. i'm so glad you didn't make me ask you.

>> dancing to the song.

>> what were your traditions growing up?

>> christmas in columbia is a whole different story. you're not going to hear a lot of the traditional christmas carols . we have adaptations to those songs in salsa rhythm. so it's completely different but it's all about the family too and about spending time with your loved ones .

>> talk to me about what you want to pass to milan as far as the importance of giving back.

>> i want him to love people. i want him to really grow up in a world in which he trusts others.

>> reporter: it's a world she is trying to make better. she started the barefoot foundation when she was 18 to address inequalities in education around the world.

>> i want to turn this conversation but it's true we ask ourselves why am i here? i know i'm not here to eternally shake it, you know?

>> yes you are.

>> i love my career, but definitely working with children has been one of the most satisfying things i've done in my life and now having milan is definitely an inspiration to continue doing more.

>> you thought we should make some bags for the kids that are going to your school.

>> yeah. we're building a school for 1800 students. it's our 6th school in columbia. it's going to be beautiful and state of the art school for very impoverished area. so every penny invested and every effort you invest toward education.

>> we got to work stuffing bags with school supplies.

>> you take one. i'll take one.

>> yes, ma'am. can candy cane . you're tempted to eat it huh?

>> yeah. but it's going to the kids.

>> crayons.

>> crayons.

>> what do you hope for these kids?

>> i think that fate can be changed. that's why i'm so passionate about it.

>> reporter: a passion to give back and an appreciation for the simple gift of her family.

>> my kind of holiday, fill in the blank. your kind of holiday is?

>> my kind of holiday is with my loved ones and with milan .

>>> shakira will be celebrating the holiday in barcelona. we already arranged a marriage, my daughter mila and her son milan . if my daughter can dance like shakira --

>> she will sing at the wedding and not you. now to matt who made his