TODAY   |  December 16, 2013

Dr. Oz reveals how to stay healthy for the holidays

Dr. Mehmet Oz takes time from his daytime medical show to visit TODAY with some tips on how to stay healthy this holiday season, suggesting foods that will help your body stave off such threats as cancer and heart disease.

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>> today. meantime, we all know how easy it is to pack on a couple of extra pounds during the holiday season but dr. oz who is out with an update of his book, you, the owner's manual, has creative ways to keep the bulge at bay.

>> here's what i would do. the problem with all of these is they have a certain number of calories and they're a slippery slope . here's what i like to do. you like these milk duds over here. normally you take this many milk duds . you put half of them back. you only have half a cup. you pour that in here. that's not filling. instead take a cup of popcorn, about a quarter cup of walnuts. it gives you the crunchy feeling you want and you cut the calories in half and you can go anywhere you want with that and feel innocent about the process of eating and enjoying them.

>> fantastic.

>> good to see you. happy holidays.

>> same to you.

>> you have updates. we'll talk about things that people are probably already practicing. our heart and blood pressure . we're talking about omega 3s.

>> we have talked differently about fats in the past decade. the only ones we used to consider were the fish oil fats but we learned why they work. they're very flexible and saturated fats , they tend to make your arteries hard and bad for your brain as well. but we have a big break through.

>> remind me where we get omega 3s first.

>> walnuts, salmon cod liver oil .

>> omega 7 . there are fats from different sources. for example, anchovies and macadamian nuts.

>> let me do a little demo to show you what we're talking about.

>> fine.

>> this is one of our arteries.

>> this is a major arteries. i'm going to take my finger, they represent hypertension. or if i smoke cigarettes i can cut it or if i'm exposed to diabetes. the body has two choices to repair this. what choice allows the ldl bad cholesterol . that's like this stuff. put that in there. let me see how you do this.

>> the hole. you have to fix the hole.

>> we're doing spackel here.

>> you are. but the stuff you're putting in there is a little bit thick. over years you literally glop this stuff up so much that it clogs up the artery.

>> so the blood has little space or less space to travel.

>> you see what happens here. what ends up happening with ldl cholesterol is it thickens it up. but the healthy omega 7 fats, it happens like this. we're talking about trading off some of the saturated fat with fats that are more liquidy. they flow like this. the body has an easier time dealing with it.

>> how many nuts or servings of anchovies do i have to eat?

>> three time ace week. the early human trials are extremely encouraging here and it also seems to help our liver.

>> let's give people another update. this one deals with cancer. we have always been told you want to eat those vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables. broccolis, blueberries, raspberries?

>> we want to now begin to include other kinds of vegetables. celery. leeks. onions. and why? because they have changed dramatically. i think every single person out there now has cancer. anyone that can hear our voice has cancer? why doesn't it grow? our body has natural healing opportunities. it's not just the dark colored vegetables but all the vegetables. they work in different ways and very specific. let's say you're looking at the lining of a vegetable. that's the cancer cell . let's say the lining of the colon or the uterus or the lungs. it steals blood. it brings new blood into it. what these vegetables do is block off the ability of this cancer to grow.

>> by cutting off the blood supply .

>> first of all, they cause it itself but block off the blood supply as well. these are things we can't even do with medications these days. now that we understand vegetables and fruits can act by slowing cancer growth, blocking new blood vessels from getting in there and convince the cancer cells to kill themselves.

>> onions, leeks, celery.

>> five time as a week.

>> every other day get them into your diet.

>> always good to see you.