TODAY   |  December 16, 2013

Michael Buble tops list of streamed Christmas songs

The pop crooner occupies all but one of the top five spots among the most streamed Christmas songs on Spotify.

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>>> check in with tamron who is enjoying this holiday music . she has a little coffee over there.

>> yeah, guys. i'm sure you went out this weekend, dinner, or hanging out with friends and of course christmas music is filling the air and also warm drinks. we'll get to that in a second but i want to share something with you. one of the smart facts for the holiday. spotify is tracking the top streaming christmas songs of the season. take a look here, mr. michael buble owns every single spot one through ten. the only person in the middle, mariah carey at number two. so he is officially mr. christmas .

>> there he is. mr. christmas ladies and gentlemen .

>> michael buble .

>> you own christmas .

>> have you heard about this? you are ranked in the top 10 christmas songs of all time, you are every one but number two. you're number one.

>> on spotify.

>> yes.

>> you do have this pesky mariah carey in there.

>> i have her on my special too.

>> way to get the plug in, michael. we'll see him in a couple of minutes.