TODAY   |  December 16, 2013

Actor Peter O’Toole remembered

The eight-time Best Actor Oscar nominee, whose most famous films include “Lawrence of Arabia” and “My Favorite Year,” died over the weekend at age 81.

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>> tributes are pouring in and movie fans are celebrating the life of a hollywood legend. peter o'toole died over the weekend. he was 81 years old. nbc's michelle cokosinski takes a look back at his career.

>> reporter: it is said when peter o'toole took on the role that made him a star, lawrence of arabia , they needed a new color just to capture the blue eyes . he played mr. chip, hamlet in mcbeth and spoofed by saturday night live.

>> a toast to me.

>> reporter: even just in the last few years had done projects like the tutors playing the pope.

>> he was just a movie star the way they didn't make them anymore.

>> reporter: he was one of sort of a british rat pack hurt his health as doctors forced him to quit drinking. working he only quit just last year. known for his brillance and perfectionism that won him more nominations without a win than any other actor.

>> i asked him isn't it an honor just to be nominated? he said no. it's not an honor. it's a bore. i'm fed up.

>> reporter: he was given an honorary academy award in 2003 recognized for a lifetime of stellar performance. nbc news, london.

>> incredible career.

>> you love that.

>> i'm not an actor, i'm a movie star .

>> he truly was one.