TODAY   |  December 15, 2013

Winter blast may snarl Monday's commute

The deadly winter storm that dumped up to a foot of snow across the Northeast and Midwest is snarling roads and flight plans, the Weather Channel's Paul Goodloe reports. TODAY's Dylan Dreyer then forecasts how the weather will affect Monday's commute.

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>> talk about the big winter storm . it stretched over 1,000 miles, finally making its way across new england and heading out to sea. about 1200 flights were grounded across the country already this weekend. there were also a number of deaths, four reported. the storm dumped a foot of snow, the total could go higher today in maine .

>>> while it has been a major hassle, dangerous in so many areas, it is not all bad news. the weather channel 's paul good low is at shug ga loaf ski resort in maine where all that snow is what skiers have been hoping for. good morning.

>> reporter: just six days from the official beginning of winter and ten days away from christmas, mother nature brought a nice powdery gift to sugarloaf and much of maine . great for skiing and snowboarding, mott the best, though, for the roads though, although while is fun here across the part of new england , it hasn't been this way across the entire country with this winter storm . digging out. the monster of a storm brought misery to more than 20 states from missouri up to maine . in much of the northeast cities saw snow change to ice during the night making driving treacherous.

>> one minute it's snowing like a blizzard, the next minute it's icy rain.

>> reporter: slippery roads were the big concern as new york city officials kept watch on the streets from the command center .

>> we have over 450 salt spreaders salting the roadways.

>> reporter: it wasn't just the roads, thousands of air travellers were stuck waiting for flights.

>> still an hour and a half delay. other people have 24 hour delays.

>> reporter: new york liberty saw 366 canceled, logan 144, chicago o'hare 120. all according to flight many of the worst road accidents happened in the midwest. only one person was seriously injured in this four- car crash in indianapolis, but four people were report killed in missouri. new england may get more than a foot of snow by the end of today. in terms of snowfall totals six inches fell just north of new york city , 9 1/2 outside st. louis and northern michigan more than a foot, all making for one of the most treacherous starts to winter in recent memory. a line is already forming here outside the super quad. i talked to one of the locals who lives further up the mountain. he said there's at least a foot and a half of this fresh powder on the mountain. you see why the line is forming early. will be a great day here on the mountain. tricky getting up here. people in this part of maine they are welcoming and bringings on the third and perhaps not the last storm of this winter season. erica?

>> more to come. paul, thanks so much. dylan has been tracking this one for us. is the worst of it over?

>> the worst is over for most areas. now a ski resort storm across parts of new england which is where they want it. we also have the tail end of the rainy part of the storm system moving into northern florida. that's going to fade away as we go into this afternoon. you can see where we have this area of low pressure . this th is what will start pulling away as we go into this afternoon. even though we have heavier snow across mainetion, /*, it's going to last into the afternoon. we'll get well over a foot of snow in maine . that goes for some of the ski resorts . mount peelier could end up with three to six. now the story will be all the slush that we have on the roads in some of your major cities, it's going to get bitter cold as we go into tonight. temperatures today will get above freezing. only at 31 in new york city . it is very slippery. look at all this cold air back through the western great lakes where it feels like it's well below zero . that's what's going to refreeze all the slush later tonight. i think tomorrow the biggest concern is going to be the fact that everything is going to be slippery and a lot of black ice out there. it is still going to be a slow monday morning