TODAY   |  December 15, 2013

Meet pinball 'professionals,' ages 9 and 6

The classic arcade game is making a comeback across America, and TODAY's Jenna Wolfe received a few pointers from some unlikely experts.

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>> what may seem like a complicated strategy is basic gaming to 9-year-old jason and 6-year-old maxine, brother and sister and pinball machine professionals with 11 years of experience between them.

>> wow. you really know a lot about this stuff. how long have you been playing pinball?

>> since i was like 2 1/2.

>> you're good at it?

>> really good at pinball.

>> they're ranked among the top half of all pinballers worldwide.

>> if i'm going to play this game, which is the best ball to focus on? the first ball, second ball, third ball?

>> a lot of times i have a great third ball, but the first and second and not really good. but you're setting things up.

>> you know what that's called? pinball strategy. and you guys have it, right? go to it.

>> part of a growing trend moving towards the rebirth of pinball.

>> pinball is now more popular than ever, more so than i've ever seen in 20-something years of doing this.

>> reporter: in the past three years, membership in the international flip per association has grown more than 50% to more than 8,000 players in the u.s. and restored machines sell from $5,000 to upwards of $20,000. but today, my pinballing future --

>> you guys don't stretch before a big game ? come on, come on. get up there.

>> reporter: rests in these tiny little bin paul hands. what do you think i didn't do very well?

>> you're just pressing the buttons.

>> show me the right way. wrong way? right way.

>> reporter: i think i won. i'm pretty sure i won. don't bother looking at the score. just take my word for it. doing what i can to keep the tradition alive.

>> to say i dominated would be i dominated would be an understatement. first of all, how old are you guys?

>> i'm 9.

>> how old are you?

>> 6.

>> you guys are literally professionals here. i would like you to help me out. how is erica doing?

>> i'm kind of lacking in that department. is that a problem in pinball.

>> how is she doing?

>> you can be honest. it's okay.

>> maybe you can flip not as much.

>> i'm an overflipper.

>> it would be easier if you could flip one at a time.

>> one flipper at a time.

>> hey, it worked, look.

>> there's a flipper up there.

>> we're going to let erica wrk on what you talked about. let's go over to lester . come on over here. lester needs a lot of advice.

>> i have issues when it comes straight down the middle, there's nothing you can do, right?

>> yeah.

>> what do you do when it comes straight down the middle?

>> there's no -- you can't really do anything -- if it's straight down the middle, it goes down.

>> nothing you can do.

>> sometimes if it goes close to a flipper and you can save it.

>> i have launch issues, too. click it all the way like that.

>> it doesn't have to be all the way. you try to get the skill shot up there. it's the hole.

>> lester , you have a number of questions, but we do have to get to dylan .

>> i'm not done with them.

>> clearly.

>> dylan definitely needs words of wisdom .

>> i'm actually doing pretty good here.

>> for sake of this segment, why don't you assume you need some advice. how is dylan doing, maxine?

>> i already beat the monster once.

>> we're going to continue to monitor your progress, dylan . all three of you guys.