TODAY   |  December 15, 2013

Stylish 11-year-old aims to bring back the bow tie

Mo Bridges, 11, is the CEO and creative force behind Mo's Bows, a company that's sold tens of thousands of bow ties. He tells TODAY's Lester Holt that they make him "look good and feel good."

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>>> if you think of your average ceo, you might think a middle aged man or woman. but wait until you meet mo bridges, the head of a bow tie company called mo's bows. he's only 11 years old. talented, precocious, well dressed.

>> my fall collection.

>> reporter: 11-year-old moziah bridges is that and a whole lot more.

>> i'm the nbt, the next big thing.

>> reporter: don't laugh until you've heard his story. mo, as he likes to be called, is the creative force behind mo's bows. he makes and markets bow ties and in the last two years have sold tens of thousands worth of his own handmade and colorful desi designs.

>> bow ties make me look good and feel good and give me that spark inside.

>> how did you one day decide i would like so great in a bow tie ?

>> because, you know, the ladies love chubby cheeks. i decided to get a bow tie and rock it.

>> reporter: this trendy sixth grader has been writing his own rules of pre teen fashion since he first put on a tie for a trip to the neighborhood playground.

>> i was 3, and that was when my mom starting me how to dress.

>> you would wear ties for formal occasions?

>> i would wear ties to ride my bike and also ties just to go play on the playground.

>> like i said, formal occasions?

>> yeah.

>> his great grandmother, a seamstress taught him how to sew. you buy his bows in several states and on the internet. his mom, tramica, refers to herself as his momager.

>> thank you, mom.

>> reporter: raising an 11-year-old.

>> take the garbage out, please.

>> now?

>> reporter: and managing a business.

>> it's definitely a family business . we have been doing it since 2011 , so for about two years now.

>> we say mo is the ceo of mo's bows, but mamma is the ceo of mo.

>> often fun names, this is g.i. bow. he's determined to change the taste of american men one neck at a time.

>> would this work or would be th be over the top ?

>> it will work.

>> reporter: mo finds much of his inspiration at the local fabric store. he has a fine eye for detail and for what sells.

>> i think this one will be good.

>> reporter: and what he works for me he thinks is this chevron pattern.

>> it's for me? you're going to name it the lester? you promise?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: a promise straight from the mouth of the next big thing, and bow ties are just a start.

>> i want to start my clothing line by the time i'm 20.

>> you're going to get in the fashion business?

>> of course.

>> we're talking beyond ties. suits, sweaters.

>> like fubu, michael kors .

>> mo is going to be up there with them some day?

>> yes.

>> check this out. this is one of mo's bow ties .

>> the lester.

>> he's a man of his word.

>> you look nice in a bow tie .

>> i have thought about doing bow ties he's got the cool hat he's rocking. he sent along a note suggesting i wear this bow tie with jeans and a gray blazer or gray suit. i went with the blue pinstripe.

>> clearly, mo, he was listening to you.

>> great kid.

>> fantastic. i love him.

>> can i wear this the rest of the show?

>> absolutely.