TODAY   |  December 15, 2013

8 mail-order food finds great for holidays

What do you buy the person who has everything? Food, TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew says. She shows TODAY's Erica Hill mail-order food gifts that'll still arrive in time for Christmas.

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>>> by christmas and they all sound delicious.

>> we are.

>> before we get started and go down the line, talk to me really quickly about before we order these things, what are a couple things we need to take into account?

>> first, you have to take into account shipping charges. when you see how much these things are, make sure you check what the shipping is. it can be expensive. most food is shipped overnight. the other thing, you have to realize especially with things that are perishable, the companies only ship monday through wednesday. if you place an order today, it will ship on monday. if you place it on wednesday, it won't ship until the following monday. i love food because it's great for the person you don't know what to get them.

>> it is. and there's the fact that we both love food. this first one sounds fantastic. this is -- how do you pronounce it?

>> guft ammo. it is the top foods from italy they import. i found this because i was in search of these delicious tomatoes.

>> these are the tomatoes i apparently have to try.

>> i love them. this is the box. it's for the pantry. it's called party in the cacina. it comes in this pretty box.

>> these are great to mam may toes.

>> it's like everything you need for your italian pantry. so that is $145. they do have boxes that are less expensive that you can do. next is cooper's barbecue. this is from texas hill country . this is their sampler. you can get it for $89 flat fee including shipping. it is mesquite cooked very slowly over mesquite coals for a very long time. it is like bringing good old texas straight to your house. that sampler is $89 including shipping. this is a company called d cuisine, started by master chef. there's only 67 master chefs in the country. it's single serving dishes, four entrees and four soups.

>> you can mix, two soups and two an trays. it is great if you have elderly parents.

>> or somebody single on your list.

>> delicious.

>> i love these.

>> that's butter nut squash soup.

>> we have cocktails for the mantry.

>> the man pantry. for the guys who likes foods, big cervix, about six products per box. you can do one month for $75 or three months for more or six months.

>> these are funky ar tease nall products.

>> this is the cocktail made with this delicious group fruit --

>> can i try this?

>> be careful. don't drink too much. it's really strong.

>> that will wake you up. let's do this one quick.

>> potato chips from the buy you. you can order those by the case. this is a crack pie, candy pie and also their apple pie which you can -- it comes looking like that, it's $44. jenny's ice cream .

>> i love ice cream .

>> columbus, ohio. i heard you're a pepper mint fan. try this. four flavors for $48. ha is shipped to you. lastly, if you've binged out on all the sweets, you apples and pears from washington. the best apple i've ever had. it's called pack it right.

>> i eat an apple every day.

>> you should. these are so delicious and goods, called pi?ata apples, never had them before.

>> great ideas. i may or may not have ordered one of these things for you, mom. just saying. by the way, happy belated birthday. elizabeth may hugh, thanks for all the great ideas.