TODAY   |  December 15, 2013

Random acts of Christmas kindness go viral

From anonymous donors paying off customers' layaway bills to an airline delivering gifts to passengers, reports of random acts of holiday cheer are spreading across social media. NBC's Noelle Walker reports.

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>> good samaritans spreading holiday cheer by helping shoppers in a serious way. dylan is in the orange room with more.

>> these kind-hearted people are opening their wallets and hearts in stores nationwide. their good deeds are coming in the nick of time . noelle walker has the story.

>> reporter: angels do exist. at this miami walmart one secret santa handed the store two checks totaling $ 1500 asking to pay off customer balances.

>> i'm so grateful and blessed. someone cares about me.

>> reporter: an act that's taken place at other stores around the country. then there's this. part generous gift-giving, part marketing stunt. when canadian airline west jet asked passengers what they wanted before they boarded the flight.

>> what would mommy and daddy like for christmas.

>> big tv .

>> reporter: to then have the gifts delivered at baggage claim on the other end bringing some

to tears: in l.a.'s fashion district they are randomly paying for parking and purchases at stores.

>> we'll be picking up your tab today.

>> that's so sweet.

>> reporter: this notion of spreading joy is part of a growing worldwide effort known as raccing or random acts of

christmas kindness: there's even a facebook page, a few examples of how kindness can be contagious.

>> you have 45 minutes.

>> reporter: for today, noelle walker, nbc news, los angeles .