TODAY   |  December 14, 2013

Jon Stewart pokes fun at Lester’s microphone during Mandela memorial

During Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show With John Stewart,” TODAY’s Lester Holt became the punchline because of the lip mic he used while reporting from the Nelson Mandel memorial service. It was all in good fun of course.

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>>> if you were watching our coverage of nelson mandela 's memorial service earlier this week on nbc, you may have caught lester using a microphone that might be slightly unusual to a lot of folks and it caught the attention of one jon stewart on "the daily show ." take a look.

>> in south africa , it was the memorial ceremony for nelson mandela . it was joyful at times. there was singing, there was dancing and there was lester holt apparently reporting from the 1940s . no one has the heart to tell him, he was actually just speaking into a judge's gavel. rookie mistake!

>> rookie mistake!

>> all i was trying to do is distract people away from the sign language interpreter.

>> very nice.

>> that is what we call a lip mike. we use it normally off air to record audio in a noisy situation. that little thing there.

>> kind of blocks out the noise.

>> the problem, the lip mike combined with the walkman headset from 1981 .

>> i think from the neck up.

>> it was a look. it was a look.

>> yes, it was. there was a lot of twitter traffic on it.

>> whatever it takes to generate a little buzz for the show, lester, we are happy