TODAY   |  December 14, 2013

Winter storm warnings for 21 states

Millions people across the eastern half of the country are hunkering down this morning as yet another big storm rolls from the Midwest up the East Coast to New England. 21 states are under a winter watch today. The Weather Channel’s Scott Newell reports from Cleveland.

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>> this morning as another big storm rolls from the midwest on over to the east coast . all up into new england . 21 states are under some sort of winter warning or watch today. the weather channel is in cleveland this morning with scott .

>> we are along i-271 east in cleveland. it is snowing steadily the last few hours as this storm system swings through here and heads on its journey toward the northeast.

>> reporter: more than a hundred million people may be battling snow and ice across a thousand-mile span this weekend. it started in the midwest. coming down hard in indianapolis. in chicago, people raced to the store for supplies as the first snow fell overnight.

>> buying shovels, salt, oil for our snow blower .

>> reporter: northeastern states were getting ready at about the same time.

>> yes, we have snow blowers and ice melt.

>> reporter: it is going to be another rough weekend in new york state where they have just finished digging out from storms earlier in the week. this is the fifth big storm of the season, while the official start to winter is week away.

>> you can complain all you want but it won't do any good, that's for sure.

>> reporter: the snow continues here as it is expected to do throughout the day and expected to leave about half a foot of snow here. now one good piece of news for people here in this region is that the temperatures are warmer than they have been the last few days, in the mid-20s right now. that means that salt is very effective in treating road surfaces and hopefully everybody will make it to their destinations safely. erica, back to you.

>> glass half full on that report, scott , that is good news. thanks, scott .

>> dylan, what are we looking?

>> the big storm we have seen this season. rain and snow with it and heavy rain moving across parts of eastern tennessee but focusing on the snow and that causes the most delays. you can see as these areas of low pressure move to the east, we are looking at the potential actually for some severe weather , especially across the panhandle of florida, but we are also looking at our heaviest snow to fall right across parts of pennsylvania into upstate new york and interior new england and where we will see some of our highest totals. 8:00 this evening we are looking at heavy snow in new york city back across pennsylvania and then as we go through the night, we will start to see it change to fren in the city with the heaviest of the snow moving across new england . as far as snowfall totals are concerned we are not going to see as much across southern new jersey because it will change over pretty quickly. once you head up into new england , that is where we are looking at the chance perhaps over a foot of snow in some of your higher elevations west of albany and hartfoearartford 9 irchs inches of snow and it is going to get messy today but it leaves early sunday