TODAY   |  December 14, 2013

Arapahoe teen on shooter: ‘He was a completely normal student’

Delaney Mullins, Addie Finch and Harrison Finch describe the frightening scene they saw inside Arapahoe high school during the shooting and what they knew about the 18-year-old gunman Karl Pierson.

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>> this entire incident terrifying for the students who were at the school. addie knew the shooter and her twin brother was at school on friday as well. good morning to all of you and thanks for getting us with us early this morning.

>> hi. good morning.

>> delanie, walk us through what you saw. you were in the library. you made your way out. what did you see?

>> i made my way out through a side classroom that is connected to the library and it was an empty classroom so i hopped over as many desks as i could and went out into the hallway where the victim was shot. i walked out and i saw her falling to the ground and there was blood on the floor and i just immediately turned to the first exit i saw and sprinted out into the parking lot .

>> so did you actually see her get shot?

>> no. i just saw her falling to the ground.

>> that must have been a lot to process in that moment. do you remember in that moment what you were thinking?

>> that's when i realized how serious it was and i just need to get out of that situation.

>> addie , as i understand it, you were in the speech and debate group with the shooter. what can you tell us about him? what kind of a person was he?

>> as far as i was concerned, he was a completely normal student. he was intelligent, participated in class, participated in clubs. overall, you would never guess that he would do something so horrible.

>> harrison, as all of this is unfolding, as i understand it, you didn't hear the shots initially but at one point you teacher got a phone call and you start pulling out your phones. you were sitting in the classroom and reading about your school your phones, is that right?

>> yeah. we looked up arapaho high school and immediately the five results talk about how many people were injured and what is going on, all of the police reports and that is things went into panic.

>> i can only imagine how surreal that was. addie , what was it like when you two were reunited?

>> it was ridiculous. i got out of the school and probably 45 minutes before her and it probably took another three hours after that when i saw her. the second i saw her, i stopped and just ran to her and grabbed her and we just cried in each other's arms.

>> i can imagine a lot of people were feeling that when they were reunited. unfortunately, you guys have gone through drills for this kind of activity really since you were in elementary school . delanie, how do you think things were handled?

>> i think things are handled great. i mean, i got out of there before, like, the fire alarm went off. i was one of the first people out of the building and as far as i heard, all of the procedures went as planned and they happened very quickly.

>> delanie and addie and harrison, we are glad you're safe this morning and thank you for take your time to share your experience with us.