TODAY   |  December 13, 2013

4 items, quick tips for hot holiday hair

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how you can change up your hair for holiday parties and gatherings, with items to you get quick curls, a bob, or stylish braids.

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>>> you know what it is time for? bobbie's buzz.

>> holiday parties your best excuse for your best dress and makeup and head out on the town.

>> you cannot forget about your hair.

>> sometimes when i put my hair up we get lots of e-mails did you cut your hair. here is my secret. it is a wrapup. she designed this for the up do stop knot. if you turn side ways there is another way to use it by taking your long hair, rolling it under to create the illusion of a very hot and sexy -- isn't that cute?

>> i love it.

>> we can make it look hot, though. you just pull it out and make it a little bedroom sexy. and then the messier it will hide the imperfections.

>> next is a cool idea if you want to get quick curls. basically you take pieces of your hair, twist them and take a flat iron and move the heat up and down to get the beachy wave without curling and setting.

>>> now, andrea has helped us model this perfect tool for a french twist . it is a cone. all you have to do -- i'm going to undo hers. you have a couple of bobby pins at the ends. basically you clip your hair in the barrette. i know we are short for time. i think this is a clever idea. so you just roll it around. you can use this if you have shorter hair. i am going to put online the braids. don't be intimidated. it will take two seconds.