TODAY   |  December 13, 2013

Skip dinner with a dessert party!

Kris Schoels, creator of the website Young Married Chic, shows how to throw a holiday dessert party, with iced coffee egg nog, a cupcake decorating station and treats to go.

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>> if you are hosting in the coming days make it easier on yourself by skipping the feast and throwing a dessert only party.

>> i like that. here to show us how to throw a bash with drinks desserts and decor is.

>> good to see you guys.

>> sweet treats.

>> i love the idea of a nice, hot drink to introduce to people.

>> we have done a white hot chocolate . i got these amazing peppermint spoons which are really cute and i think it's about what you garnish the tray with.

>> these dissolve.

>> yeah and make it taste like peppermint.

>> and you found these at michaels craft store.

>> yeah.

>> and you can do gift marshmallows. whipped cream, white chocolate . so this is actually just a spin on eggnog. so it's niced eggnog with a little bit of coffee and then you garnish it with cinnamon and a little bit of nutmeg.

>> very nice.

>> eggnog and coffee. that's a good mix.

>> it's a little bit of a kick.

>> this is neat.

>> all i did is i took clear ornaments and you can actually pull the tops out of them. stabilize them and i have done m&ms here in a candy and you can actually serve punch in them with little paper straws. it's a different take that's really fun.

>> very festive.

>> what i love to do is different levels of things. i took these trees and i spray painted them silver.

>> nice.

>> probably everyone thought i was outside spray painting in 18 degree weather but i also used feather boas you can decorate with. i did a plain fabric and layered a ribbon on top of it. it's a lot of stuff you might have in the house already. you can use it again and again.

>> i have lots of feathers boas at home hanging out.

>> something we didn't know about natalie.

>> hold on.

>> kidding.

>> stay right there. natalie and i are going to share our favorite desserts and it's the night before christmas, our plan is in place. we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. if only we could, just stay awake...

>> announcer: today's holiday guide is brought to you by target. what's your kind of holiday?

>> we are back with more ideas for throwing a dessert party and some of our favorite treats and desserts. it brought my signature flan. and al, what did you bring?

>> i brought an apple crumble although some people call it a brown betty . depending on where you come from the topping maybe different.

>> a signature dessert. what else do we have.

>> everyone laughs but it's the cupcake. it's so easy to decorate too. this is something you can get the kids involved as well. you can have all of this set out. i just use icing and i love the ruffle r ruffle wrappers.

>> that's cute.

>> set out different icing and sprinkles. get in here and sprinkle the cupcakes and then i actually made these little north pole signs with paper straws.

>> fantastic.

>> very cute.

>> the problem with cupcakes is everyone tries to get them home without mashing them. so what i like to do is set them in tops of mason jars and you can push the mason jar right on top of it.

>> sweet.

>> that's something nice to do for the kids as well.

>> sending people home with sweets, very nice thing.

>> very nice thing. i always have friends that i send home with sweet treats. or at least i like to think so.

>> so you're giving them a little something.

>> you can send them home with a nice assortment of things. these are plain boxes you can decorate with different ribbons and different things you have around the house and i actually like to send people home too with --

>> cookie dough.

>> with the directions on how to bake them.

>> that's fantastic. that's never going to get home.

>> that's my favorite part right there.

>> that's the best.

>> i'm going to send these down to the control room