TODAY   |  December 13, 2013

Company turns guns into jewelry

A company called Liberty United is starting a worldwide crusade to take illegal guns and ammunition off the streets and transform them into beautiful jewelry. NBC’s Craig Melvin reports.

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>>> as we know tomorrow marks a somber anniversary of the shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut and in the wake of that tragedy there's an effort toward reducing gun violence . craig has that story.

>> good morning guys. tragedies like sandy hook always beg the question of how to best prevent gun violence . it's a devicive topic with few clear solutions but there's a company trying to do its part in a unique way.

>> reporter: in his manhattan student he works medal into artful jewelry. but if you ask him; he's making much more than a ring or bracelet.

>> for me, it's an amazing opportunity to do what i do and actually make a difference.

>> reporter: making a difference because at one time this metal served a different purpose.

>> each bracelet is a gun no longer killing people.

>> reporter: they work with liberty united. a company that takes illegal guns, destroys them and transforms them into jewelry and gives part of the profits to those trying to stop gun violence .

>> we're turning it into something positive and beautiful.

>> reporter: it's the vision of this social sbrentrepreneur. he started a similar thing in africa. assault rivals taken all too often out of the hands of children.

>> we now removed 32,000 guns from circulation in africa.

>> reporter: while he thought about bringing the idea to the u.s., it was an unthinkable tragedy that prompted him to act.

>> word of a school shooting at an elementary school .

>> after sandy hook peter and his wife kara came to us and they were like we really need to focus on the united states .

>> when you meet someone and they tell you how they lost their kids to gun violence , if everyone could have that conversation, i think we would all view this issue very differently in this country.

>> reporter: he contacted local city and police officials across america about getting guns from buy back programs and those being released from evidence. he found partners in places like philadelphia.

>> the police are helpful in helping us to get into the communities where these things are happening to meet the people involved.

>> reporter: liberty united sends every piece of jewelry with a serial number of a gun they destroyed. their success not in terms of firearms or bullets but on a human scale .

>> we're willing to invest this time and energy because if we can save one person's life it's worth it.

>> and peter is in the process of trying to get syracuse. he's trying to get more cities on board as well. but the website is fantastic and lots of cool pieces.

>> great idea.

>> i love the idea of making something beautiful.

>> taking that tragedy and trying