TODAY   |  December 13, 2013

Pete Wentz: I have too many tattoos

The Fall Out Boy bassist talks about his band’s new album, touring and his tattoo show “Best Ink” on the Oxygen network.

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>> hi, how are you?

>> you're not in your winter coat.

>> i lost my bag. i'm in the middle of tour right now and i lost my bag.

>> oh.

>> you guys just announced you're going to go tour europe .

>> we are. we're doing an arena tour in europe which is exciting because we haven't gotten to do that in about four or five years.

>> you have a lot going on. you have great music. you have great tours. you have a television show on oxygen.

>> yeah.

>> all about the world of tattoos.

>> it's pretty wild. but a lot of fun to do. seeing 12 artists who are really all about tattooing and about competition and getting to host and be on the other side of it for once.

>> how many tattoos do you really have.

>> i'm pretty covered on the top of my body. they all kind of become one,