TODAY   |  December 13, 2013

Justin Bieber, Will Smith pic top Instagram list

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom revealed the Instagram photo of the year in the Orange Room, saying the snapshot of the two stars together garnered over 1 million likes.

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>>> us to the question, what was your favorite picture of the year online? we have someone in quite the position to answer. tamron is in the orange room with one of our favorites, the ceo of instagram.

>> kevin is with us. #kevin or @kevin depending. i'm so good to see you because we're looking at the year in review. pretty knowledgeable about things and you have the insight for us on the most popular photo on instagram this year?

>> the most popular photo was a photo of justin bieber and will smith .

>> why?

>> people love pictures of people and it seems like a fun picture. they were having fun .

>> but it's not like they were doing anything extraordinary. just being cool.

>> there's 1.5 million likes on this photo and i think it's because he has 12 million followers.

>> very nice and i said #kevin. you're @kevin on instagram. the most popular #of the year was what?

>> love.

>> love? because that's all we need?

>> that's all we need. throw back thursday and food were in a close second.

>> and today you guy versus taken it next level on instagram where we can directly now communicate with our followers.

>> we're really excited about this launch we did yesterday called instagram direct. it allows you to send photos and videos to your clous closest friends.

>> why was that important?

>> usually you post to all of your followers and this lets you select a few followers.

>> we just took a selfie and we'll post that but i guess instagram is here