TODAY   |  December 13, 2013

Prince Harry and team reach South Pole

After almost two weeks battling frigid weather, Prince Harry and a team of wounded soldiers reached their destination at the geographic South Pole, ending their charity trek. NBC’s Ben Fogle reports.

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>> expected to complete his difficult trek to the south pole this morning. ben fogel is tracking the prince's journey. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. i had confirmation that prince harry and the teams of injured soldiers from the u.k. and u.s. and common wealth are within sight of their goal and they're due to arrive imminently at the geographic south pole . after two weeks of battling blizzards and extreme temperatures as low as minus 43, these 12 war veterans lead by prince harry are in reach of the south pole this morning and nothing will stop them says harry.

>> we're going to the south pole friday 13th. unlucky for some but lucky for us.

>> reporter: it was a trek as dramatic as anything nature can throw at adventurers.

>> the expedition has been tough. the conditions have been absolutely terrible. you may have heard it's been one of the worst seasons for storms.

>> reporter: and these injured veterans had more than the trials of nature to overcome. when the skies cleared, the antarctic landscape was rippled with ice waves two or three feet deep. it became an epic struggle.

>> wha three foot icy drop is not something you can handle with as much ease as some of the other guys.

>> reporter: the american team leader , trueblood star playing the role of team motivator for the exhausted veterans.

>> pretty big moment. pretty exciting.

>> reporter: halfway into the trek organizers decided to abandon the race. conditions were becoming a health concern . but the teams voted to continue the trek as friends rather than opponents.

>> everyone is feeling a bit tired but got to get used to the rhythm. it's almost finished.

>> reporter: an achievement that will surprise many, but most of all, those who are doing it. well, after battling those extreme conditions, prince harry will not only have grown a beard but he will become the first royal ever to have walked to the geographic south pole . of course his grandfather and aunt have both visited the continent but prince harry wins the prize for doing it the hard way.

>> all right, ben , are you growing a beard in solidarity with harry.

>> reporter: i'm trying to catch up with matt as well.

>> you're way ahead of me. let me tell you right now.

>> go back to the bunker now.

>> thank you, ben .

>> good to see you.

>> i should mention there will be a special on harry airing early next year.