TODAY   |  December 13, 2013

Heavy snow expected in parts of Midwest

Around 2-5 inches of snow is expected to drop in parts of the Midwest Friday and will continue through the weekend after another strong weather system strikes. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> we're following another major story this morning. the bitter cold and snow from yet another strong storm system. al will have more on that in a moment but first dylan dreyer is in sandy creek, new york dealing with heavy snow from a different system. dylan , good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt. you know this band of lake effect snow i'm in right now is only 30 miles from north to south. and driving into it last night, it goes from perfectly clear to not being able to see the front of your car in an instant. here in sandy creek we already have about 18 inches of snow on the ground but there's places just to the east of us that we can't get to. they have four to five feet of snow on the ground and it's still snowing at a rate of three inches per hour. this area, of course is famous for lake effect snow . it is the time of year until the great lakes freeze that we will see this lake effect snow continuing ichls continuing. it's the cold arctic air that heads over the air on the lakes. this is going to set the stage for the bigger system that the east coast is going to feel this weekend.

>> all right. well, dylan dreyer there in sandy creek and upstate new york , thank you so much. that's been the arctic air that dylan is talking about. that's really the big difference from last year. we had winter weather advise stretching 1500 miles. here's the beginning of the system. it's starting off as rain. as we get into this afternoon, friday, storm system moves from the east. breaking out from missouri all the way into detroit and cleveland. it continues to move to the east so saturday by noon, new york is starting to see snow. and then a secondary system develops. we have more snow going in new york , boston, syracuse, cleveland into sunday morning. this system draws in warmer air so we get an icy mix in new york . it stays snow in new england through sunday morning and then eventually moves out. snowfall amounts, the heaviest stuff here in the northeast. this is partly lake effect around boston but look at this, parts of interior massachusetts, upstate new york , upwards of a foot to 18 inches of snow. so this is going to be a big one and guys, we still have lake effect snow . in fact, where dylan is, not only are they going to have lake effect but they're going to get this storm system enhancing it. so they maybe looking at another three to four feet of snow on top of what they have already gotten.

>> dylan has been on a real snow tour.