TODAY   |  December 12, 2013

Ambush! Breast cancer survivor cries over makeover

Two women from the TODAY plaza were plucked from the crowd and given amazing makeovers to take them into the final stretch of the holiday rush, with the help of stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin.

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>>> today. i bet you've been waiting for this moment because it's time for ambush makeovers. and the ladies today must have wanted it bad because it really is cold out there, isn't it?

>> it's warm inside in here. lewis lecarvey. and today and contributing editor for people's "style watch" on she performed their magic once a day. you make fast choice ones when it's that cold?

>> today, we had a team. we had gray hair makeovers. so it's really exciting. the results are quite dramatic.

>> okay. first up is linda niedert. she's 51 years old. she was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2011 .after having gone through the treatment has been in remission for two years. she was so thrilled to have the opportunity to be hampered for a few hours. let's take a listen to her story.

>> erin, i know this is exciting for her and emotional because you've been through so much with mom.

>> yeah. about two years ago, she had to save her head. she just started growing it back and has never colored it. we could not be more thrilled that this is coming up right now.

>> we're so excited to give this to you. what do you think?

>> thank you. i am so excited. i am just overwhelmed. i don't know what to think right now.

>> linda is so sweet and she has two sweet daughters, erin and amy. guys, please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here is linda before. linda , let's see the new you. oh, wow!

>> oh, my god.

>> you look great.

>> oh, my god.

>> all right, girls, are you ready?

>> yes.

>> check mom out. take off your blindfolds.

>> whew!

>> oh, my god.

>> mom, are you ready? okay. turn right around and look at that mirror behind you.

>> oh, you look great.

>> oh, you look beautiful.

>> we'll get a photo. get right around. stand right here.

>> look right there.

>> first of all, let's ask the daughters. what do you guys think?

>> unbelievable.

>> she's so deserving of this, too. you look awesome, mom.

>> tell us about this.

>> linda looks as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. do you know she works in nursing homes . and anyone that's been around the nursing homes knows how hard that is to do. that's total devotion. you're a saint. what we did is, of course, i got rid of the gray hair which immediately washed away years. okay. then what i did, what breno did, he was our haircutter today. she had short hair. not much to work with, but he, of course, gave her a great style.

>> chic.

>> she went from simple to very chic and, of course, the makeup.

>> i love the makeup. it is so pretty.

>> what do you think?

>> it's amazing. i'm speechless.

>> you look gorgeous.

>> linda , thank you. why don't you join your daughters.

>> we are so emotional.

>> we are so emotional that the dress is london times and you look beautiful.

>> i'm sorry, i got all confused.

>> good job.

>> all righty. there is something in the air. we're so emotional today.

>> i know. something is happening.

>>> cathy blevins, she's 73 from culpepper, virginia. she told us she's never been very happy with her look, so she was nervous and excited to try something new. good for her. let's hear her story.

>> i have to be honest. cathy is a little freaked out. what do you think of this?

>> scared.

>> when is the last time you colored your hair?

>> a couple years ago.

>> okay. but you let it grow out and now she's nervous. what do you think of this, danny ?

>> i wanted to get on tv. this is a good opportunity to do it.

>> well, we're happy to be your excuse. you're going to look totally different in about three hours.

>> oh, my god.

>> you know the best part, danny ? it's going to be free. free to you. all righty. let's take one last look at cathy before and let's bring cathy blevins out. new and improved.

>> oh, wow!

>> look how chic. wow, hey, danny , you're in for a treat. take your blindfold off, please.

>> okay. oh, wow. she looks terrific. she's always been beautiful and she's beautiful now.

>> sure is. cathy , why don't you turn around, honey, and see what he's talking about.

>> that's the first time anybody has turned that direction.

>> wow.

>> god.

>> great.

>> it's absolutely beautiful. tell us about it.

>> cathy , you looked like a quiet church mouse before. vava voom is right. the hair color makes a significant difference when you wash away the gray.

>> she said her husband likes red.

>> all right.

>> that is red.

>> a little warm, but we can make it redder if you want. you have an open invitation.

>> you might have been nice, cathy , if you told him that when he was doing your hair.

>> and, of course, breno gave her this grooet great style with that side sweep angle which is always so flattering.

>> what do you think, do you like?

>> oh, i love it. it looks great. our daughter is going to love it, too 37.

>> and her dress, too.

>> you just whispered, i like blonds, red heads .brunettes. this is new by shani.

>> that's the thing with the undergarment. we're turning linda out, too. be careful, linda .

>> thank you so much. good