TODAY   |  December 12, 2013

Pick the perfect presents for him

Matt Bean, managing editor for, shows how to pick 10 perfect gifts for the sports fan in your life, or the man who refuses to grow up.

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>> have a man cave. what if it were filled with bacon?

>> now you are talking, from the sports enthusiast, we have come up with the best gifts for all the guys in your life.

>> this is matt dean managing editor of " sports illustrated ".com.

>> i got to tell you this is not the best game of pingpong. i am sure you would do better.

>> willie is good.

>> we have here a $40 pingpong set 23r uncommon good t. paddles stow like that. this actually rolls up. you can twist this up. show it in your car. it's game time any time.

>> i like. $40 bucks.

>> always testing.

>> very cool.

>> what about you got all this sports fear in your house, basketball, baseball, hockey.

>> the problem with sports gear, it's bulky. it get million dewey, funky. this is only $40 from it has mesh, so it will air out and dry very perfect.

>> that can get stinky.

>> nothing says pancakes like star wars pancakes.

>> i want a tall stack, someone decided pancakes looking like yoda were a good idea. these are only $8. you can get yoda, a storm trooper , darth vader , of course. they are available at williamsso no i think they're a great gift for the guy that loves star wars .

>> over on the grill cover. the chicago bears , i wish it were.

>> this is new york. the big blue .

>> every guy has to guard his grill. this is available at deck's sporting goods . it's only about $45. you can protect that sustainless steel beauty but show the neighborhood who you support.

>> i love this.

>> this is very cool.

>> you won't be able to use it at super bowl .

>> you can do it in your own back yard. this is available for us $17 to add this entire set from or get them individually from it's just a lot of really smart gear. so it's just a kabob. they slide off easily on to your plate. the palmer spritzer of lemon.

>> come on.

>> it's like lemon. this, i don't know why you need this. you can cut your hot dog so it doesn't explode on the grill.

>> i never had that happen.

>> that's from and also at

>> i love that.

>> we talked about bacon before. what guy doesn't is love bacon.

>> a lot of the gift box, you have stuff in there. the gift that keeps on giving. it has everything from bacon flavored pickle, bacon lollipop, popcorn. who doesn't love the gift?

>> that is genius, i love it.

>> from the people that brought you the individual coffee maker , krupps moved on.

>> what man cave is not complete without a frosty beverage t. party keeps on pouring. so that keg can be swapped out. put another one in.

>> so what do you do, pour a bore into the keg?

>> pop them right in the back. you are ready for action.

>> al is going to destroy this in a second.

>> how about a little putting green.

>> i don't know how your short game is. i need a little help.

>> check it out. lasers from eyelean gulf.

>> oh my gosh. these will help you lean up your putt.

>> i don't think these are pga tour friendly.

>> it feels a little like cheating.

>> they're $15.

>> i read that green terrible.

>> you can check out your angle.

>> if you want to do night golf, that is perfect for pitching around in your back yard. we are coming up on really short days. that's a luma ball. you can get those $25 online at brookestone. they can keep you in your back yard playing golf.

>> very cool. matthew dean, thank you very much. appreciate it. merry christmas . if you want to check out where to get these gifts, check out

>> one more chance.

>> go for the money.

>> coming up next, if you got sloppy crew or friend or family coming over for the holidays. we will clooep