TODAY   |  December 12, 2013

Chiwetel Ejiofor talks Globe nod live on TODAY

The “12 Years a Slave” actor, nominated for Best Actor, says the entire experience around the film has been “an amazing journey.”

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>> was nominated for best actor. good morning to you, how are you feeling?

>> i'm feeling great. absolutely thrilling. i think just so delighted for the film and to be nominated and for everybody else who got nominations today. it's really amazing.

>> you must be also thrilled be i the reaction this film is getting so many awards, also so many critically wonderful reviews, obviously, awards like this as savannah just said can have a lot of other people exposed to this project.

>> yeah. i think it's just been terrific. ever sense we opened up the film, it's been an incredible kind of time and i just couldn't be more happy with the way the film has been received and the way people are sort of coming to it. it's been really an extraordinary time.

>> to be a part of an important project like this is a reward in itself, but what is an honor like being nominated for a golden globe mean to you and for your career?

>> well, it's just such i mean like you say everything about this film right from the moment that i opened up the scripts and started reading about sullivan northrop and working with steve mcqueen and a terrific cast of people. it's just been this really amazing journey and so this is just fan taft ec. it's like, it's almost surreal. it's really been an exceptional time.

>> and not to get greedy, but you got two nominations today. not just one. you got two.

>> yeah. i'm delighted about that as well. dancing on the edge, it was such a great series to do. so i'm just happy today. it's really an amazing morning for me here.

>> nice job. congratulations.

>> see you in january. thank you for being here with us.

>> thank you.

>> and dave carter , thanks for being our wingman this morning. we appreciate it.

>> thank you.

>> reminder, everyone, you can catch the golden globe awards sunday january 12th right here on nbc.