TODAY   |  December 12, 2013

Golden Globe nominees announced

The nominees for the 71st annual Golden Globe movies are here, featuring big nods for films “American Hustle” and “12 Years a Slave” and TV dramas “Breaking Bad” and “House of Cards.”

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>>> nominations from beverly hills , but first, this is "today" on nbc. .

>> in hollywood this morning, nominations for the 71st golden globe awards are about to be announced.

>> we have the host of front runners on fandango. we are waiting a few seconds. we got our cheat sheets, got your guesses. there is a lot to choose from this year.

>> i think "gravity" is doing well, but also " american hustle " is coming on strong.

>> let's go live to hollywood with the golden globe nominations for tv and movies are.

>> good morning, everyone, welcome to the nominations announcement for the 71st annual golden globe awards . we have this morning olympia wilds and zoey saldana. olivia, please get us started.

>> best performance by an actor in a television series drama. ryan cranston "breaking bad" leah schriver ray donovan , michael sheen "masters of sex." kevin spacey , " house of cards ." james spader "the black list ." best performance by an actor in a motion picture samberg or musical. christian bail " american hustle ." bruce stern " nebraska ." leonardo dicaprio , "the wolf of wall street ." oscar isaac "inside llewen davis." joachim phoenix , "her." best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture . sprer cad updi "captain philips." daniel brule "rush." bradley cooper american hustle " michael fastbender "12 years of lave slaves." best performance by an actress in a motion picture drama. "kate blanche et, "blue jas men." sandra bullock "gravity." judy dench "fill men na." emthat thompson "banks" kate winslet " labor day ." thank you.

>> best pmplgs by an actor for a motion picture made for television. matt damon kwat behind the candle abra." michael douglas "behind the candle a practice." al pacino "gil specter." best television series drama "breaking bad" amc. "downton abby" pbs. "the good life " house of cards " netflix. "masters of sex, show time. best performance by an ajt tres in a supporting role in a motion picture . sally hawk inns, "blue jas men." jennifer lawrence ," american hustle " lupito longo "12 years a slave." julia roberts q. osage county . jts jude squid, " nebraska ." best performance by an actress in a motion picture , samberg or musical. amy adams , " american hustle ," judy dellpy "before midnight."

>> greta gewig, julia louise dry fuss, meryl streep , august, "sage county." . best motion picture samberg or musical. " american hustle ." "her." "inside llewen davis." " nebraska " and "the wolf of wall street ." thank you.

>> good morning. best performance by an actress in a mini series or motion picture made for television, helena bonnham carter, rebecca ferguson "white queens." jessica lange " american horror story ." phil specter , elizabeth moss , "top of the lake." best performance by an angtor in a motion picture drama. "12 years a slave." edress alba "long walk to freedom." tom hanks , "captain philips." matthew mcconahe, robert red ford, "all is lost." best director , motion picture , alphonso quidoan, "gravity." steve mcqueen "12 years a slaev," alexander payne , " nebraska " david russell "marine hustle." best motion picture drama, "12 years a slave," "gravity," "fill mena," "rush." thank you.

>> congratulations to our nominees.

>>> please don't forget to joan us sunday, january 12th for the 71st annual golden globe awards hosted by tina fey and amy pohlor live on nbc. thank you and good morning. .

>> all right. that's cool. you should be with us as we listen to these nominations, because he goes crazy. you said this is huge, this is huge, that oprah when friday wasn't nominated.

>> she was not nominated for her performance in "the butler." in fact the movie got no nominations at all. best picture , best actor . nothing. that was a surprise. that was a movie that did very well. seemed to be doing well. could still get oscar nom nations.

>> anything else jump out at you?

>> well "12 years a slave" and " american hustle " four cast members an three from "12 years a slave" also some surprises like the movie "rush" ron howard best movie and it's a european story and they're foreign motors. so.