TODAY   |  December 12, 2013

Cole Vosbury thankful for time on ‘The Voice’

Despite mixed emotions on being eliminated from “The Voice,” the singer said that being on the show has changed his life for the better.

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>>> to the final artist os the hit show "the voice." the country crooner cole vos the bury was sent home. first of all, you are singing amazing. there has to be mixed emotions about getting sent home.

>> yeah. it's definitely, it's bittersweet because this show it has to end at some point. so you are sad whenever it ends, but i'm really happy with as far as i've made it. i never imagined making it this far to make it to the top five. i'm really broud proud of that. i did open call auditions. i never thought i would get a chance to audition or kurn u turn a chair or anything. i wanted to take it as far as i could.

>> how has this changed your life?

>> this has changed my life immensely, when i first aired, i had six twitter followers. i now have 52,000. which isn't as much as some of the other contestants. it's enough for me. i wanted to build a fan base and get my name out there. that's what i've done.

>> with your elimination, it looks like it ends with blake 's domination for the last three years.

>> yeah. i felt a lot of pressure being the only member on team blake . that whole team blake legacy. i was like, early, i was worried a lot but, you know, i kind of figured he wasn't going to win again.

>> you know, you are a winner. i tell you, you got a great future, cole, thank you for being with us.

>> thank you.

>> i want to mind you "the voice" edges closer to the big fen naturally monday at 8:00 central here on