TODAY   |  December 12, 2013

Nigella Lawson’s assistants to testify in fraud case

The former assistants of the celebrity chef, accused of spending more than a million dollars on themselves using the family’s credit card, are set to take the stand in London. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> there is new drama this morning at the trial involving celebrity chef nigella lawson . michel is in london. good morning to you.

>> reporter: right now, imagine, matt, more drama surrounding this case as the prime minister is quoted as saying he is on team nigella and a massive fan while this trial is going on. it's not easy to forget these sisters, the personal assistants are the ones on trial. not nigella or her ex-husband who at times battled each other here. soon they will take the stand and speak for themselves. if there has ever been a case of they said, they said, it is this. the personal assistants denies stealing more than a million dollars on credit cards on prada, channel, louis vuitton ,

dior: they kept her alleged drug habit secret. they seen rolled up bills with credit cards and white powder on nigella's desk, drawers full of prescription pills. they forced her to admit she used cocaine but only a handful of times in her life and smoked marijuana at times with her teen age. the case opened up if finances of a wealthy family. she spent more than 75,000 on clothes in one shop, another time when he leaked a particular dress on her, he bought every single dress that existed in london. why exactly is unclear. when one of the sisters wanted a credit card raised to $150,000, it was done. none of which was ever scrutinized because it was considered trif dwral. now a serious matter before the court, the jury to choose whose story they believe. they have pled not guilty. so far, no real evidence has emerged that showed they had any authorization to spend. matt.

>> all right. michelle kazinski in