TODAY   |  December 12, 2013

Chilling new video released from Asiana plane crash

New video footage of the plane crash in San Francisco last July that killed three people and injured more than 180 has been released. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>> all right. tom. don't go yet. we are seeing this terrifying video of last july's plane crash in san francisco and learning a lot more about the pilot at the controls and his conduct. tell us what you know.

>> reporter: he was a training pilot traveling into san francisco under supervisors. now it appears he relied too heavily on the automated flight systems that he may not have fully understood. the new video is chilling. asiana flight cart wheeling before slamming to the ground. now an ntsb investigation found the training pilot flying the mean was upset.

>> when we have a situation where we have a pilot in command not aware of what mode a crew might be in. i mean, that's a real issue of confusion.

>> reporter: the confusion was over the auto-throttle system that monitors the air speed and triple 7. it was disengaged when the pilot switched off the auto-pilot to manually fly into san francisco . assuming it was working, no one in the cockpit noticed their air speed was falling dangerously low until second before the crash. by then it was too late. veteran safety experts say they have seen too many examples of pilots relying on it.

>> they rely on the systems all the time. they're not taught to you know question the system.

>> reporter: boeing contends the system is widely used and flying the plane is up to the pilot not the computer.

>> the pilot is the final authority for the operation of the airplane. we try not to put in design elements that can override the pilot trot nts int says automation addiction is a serious issue.

>> reporter: we have an issue in af yaegs that needs to be dealt with, with respect to automation and performs when it comes to the interaction between the aircraft and the human being .

>> reporter: overite asiana expressed a statement. they said we at asiana again express our sorrow for the loss of life and a great deal of focus by the way on the training procedures in korea. guys,