TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

Thirty-one gifts donates to TODAY toy drive

The company announced that it will donate 250,000 products to over 60 organizations this year.

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>> ladies, good morning and thank you again.

>> good morning. excited to be here.

>> what have you brought to the toy drive this year?

>> we're excited. we're donating 250,000 products to over 60 organizations across the country and all of ourselves participate in this give and we're just super excited to donate lunchboxes and backpacks and fun things.

>> there's the preteen to the older set that don't get a lot of the toys and stuff kind of gifts. this gift will go a long way toward our donation.

>> yes.

>> we really appreciate it. we know you testified a scholarship this year. we'll have more information on that on our website.

>> thank you.

>> now if you would like to donate to our toy drive as well you can still do so. head to our website make your donation there is and find out more detail.

>> coming up, kathie lee and hoda. the places and party you want to be to ring in the new year.