TODAY   |  December 11, 2013

Tackle the snow with these tips

TODAY contributor George Oliphant provides some hot tips for dealing with the cold weather, including the best types of snow shovels and ways to weatherproof your car.

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>> well, it's been a rough week of weather for much of the country and some of your cars are probably buried under a pile of snow and ice right now.

>> we'll make it easier for you with tips from our today contributor.

>> thank you very much.

>> let's start off shovels. this is your basic tool.

>> i have a little arsenal here. everyone is familiar with the traditional. your straight shaft. this one is your ergonomic shaft. this is our ice chopper.

>> this looks like something from game of throwns.

>> this could be a weapon. definitely dangerous. don't let the kids swing it and. the idea is people going which shovel should i get? how many do i need? it depends on what part of the country you're in. that straight shaft, the traditional shaft is great for light snow. you're clearing the walk and wake up in the morning and it just snowed, get rid of that. if you're going to be lifting heavy snow you're going to be doing the walk and if you're doing the drive way you want ergonomics. it's going to make it so you're not so sore and crushed after it.

>> ice chopper.

>> what happens with the water it freezes and melts. they do have metal edges but you want to get in there and smash up all the ice and then shovel it out of the way.

>> that's cool.

>> this thing is cool. this has a telescope so you get the icicles hanging off the roof and gutter. knock them down because they can cause damage to your house.

>> right.

>> the thing is its very dangerous. people don't realize how heavy the ice is. a lot of people get crushed, killed, hurt every year. you want to be in front of the house looking at the ice so it doesn't come down on you.

>> and you say a little tip, use a little cooking spray ?

>> yeah. use a little cooking spray or wax. that way it doesn't cake up on the shovel.

>> right on?

>> yes, spray it right on and shovel. you don't have to worry about the snow. you're making your job harder.

>> cool.

>> next, getting a little traction and melting.

>> exactly. so the idea is to get rid of the ice. you don't want anyone slipping and falling. this is great stuff. make sure you have a pet friendly, environmentally friendly deicer so it's not hurting anything, the kids or the dog gets it it's not poisonous.

>> sand?

>> sand or kitty litter that will give you traction. throw that out there. last thing you want is slipsor falls.

>> a lot of folks keep it in their car.

>> great. so if you get stuck you can throw it out and then you really want to have a good scraper.

>> this is need.

>> look at that.

>> no longer do you need the days of going out there and freezing your fingers and hands scraping it off.

>> brilliant.

>> the nice thing about having this pole right here, you can scrape it off and don't have to lay across the hood to get the snow off.

>> if you don't have thermal windows, you can still protect yourself.

>> if you have an old house and don't have storm windows , these are great. double sided tape you put up and put the plastic on. you go over it with a hair dryer. it's tight and sealed. you don't get any drafts.

>> that's money going out your door.

>> you want one of these door snakes. they keep the drafts from coming in under the door and a little foam along the door frame. that way there's no air coming in.

>> thank you. if anyone needs a rescue hit me up at george at